Incorporation of a New Hong Kong Company

Incorporation of a New Hong Kong Company (including incorporation a company limited by shares and company limited by Guarantee)

Services Include:

1. Company name search

2. Apply for the Certificate of Incorporation

3. Apply for the Business Registration Certificate

4. Prepare and submit the appointment of directors, company secretary, founder members and related documents

5. Deluxe green box set, include:

    • Twenty copies of English version of Articles of Association
    • Twenty pieces of Share Certificates
    • One statutory book
    • One circular pre-inked chop
    • One “Aurthorized Signature(s)” pre-inked chop
    • One pocket seal

Points to Note :

1. The name of the company should not be identical with existing companies.

2. There should be at least ONE shareholder and ONE director.  One person can act in dual capacity.  There is no nationality restriction.

3. There must be a company secretary who must be either a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong registered limited company.  A person or company cannot be the director, shareholder and the secretary at the same time.

4. The Registered Office must be located in Hong Kong.

5. Regardless of the number of directors the company will have, at least one of the directors must be a natural person.

Difference Between Limited Company and Guarantee Company



Limited Company

Guarantee Company

Issue shares



Legal liability

Limited, the shareholders are liable up to the shares they contributed

Limited, every member is liable up to his contribution stated in the Articles of Association (AA)

General Purpose

Profit making

Non-profit making

Maximum no. of member

Maximum is 50

Maximum is subject to Articles of Association (AA)

Company Search: