General information : 

Belize is a stable, peaceful and democratic country. It is located near the coast of Caribbean in Mid-America. The total population of the country is about 220 thousand and there are about 60 thousand people gathering in the Belize City. The businesses of tourism, offshore banking and offshore company registration have increased in the recent years. With the assistance of Britain, overseas trading activities of Belize share great advantages when trading with America, Canada and European Economic Community. Besides, because of the effective economic development plan, the Belizean or foreign investors can benefit 100% exemption from sales tax of imported capital and raw materials for 15 years, while there are no limitation terms for remitting capital (including profit) back to foreign countries.

Advantages of Belize Companies : 

The International Business Companies Act 1990, establish a new type of company-International Business Company (“IBC”). This Act mainly promises to protect the assets and provide a competitive low tax rate. The characteristics of the Act are as follows:

  1. BC company has exemption from all local tax including stamp duty;
  2. The registration procedures of an IBC company is simple and fast
  3. Only one signatory is required for the registration. Operation of company only required one shareholder or one director and each person can be a shareholder and a director simultaneously;
  4. Minimum documents are required to be maintained: e.g. Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  5. No restriction of foreign exchange control;
  6. Low registration fees for new registered companies
  7. Low annual continuation fee;
  8. Can use any language to register, including the name of the company;
  9. Can register in form of limited company or other types of company;
  10. Companies can be transfer freely; and
  11. There are no restrictions on border or frequency of changes.

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