Employment Visa

Employment Visa Application:

Generally, the following information has to be provided by the applicant: 
1. Proposed date of entry to Hong Kong
2. Personal particulars
3. Travel documents, e.g. passport/ China ID (Mainland residents only)
4. Photocopy of academic qualifications' transcripts and experience relevant post

A Hong Kong incorporated company is required to be the local sponsor.  The sponsor company's particulars have to be provided.

1. Sponsor details
2. Employment contract
3. Photocopy of Financial Standing Proof
4. Documents with the details of company background
5. Details of Business Plan
Mainland China applicants are required to register Letter of Consent of Hong Kong from present working unit or relevant Mainland authorities.

Our Services Scope:

1. Act as a consultant to the application

2. Prepare the necessary official documents

3. Prepare other relevant documents upon your provision of information

4. Filing and follow up the application process

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