British Virgin Islands (BVI)

General information : 

BVI is composed of 50 islands in Caribbean, located near Mid-America. The climate is warm all year round. BVI is a British colony with independent judiciary. Since 1984, BVI has introduced the International Business Companies Act, and the local offshore financial services rose abruptly. Nowadays, it is the most popular offshore registration area. The literacy rate is approximately 100% and the major language is English. The major sources of income of BVI are overseas investment and tourism, and the currency in circulation is US dollar. 

Advantages of BVI Companies:

1.   Highly confidential, unnecessary to disclose anything about directors and shareholders to the public;

2.   No need to submit books and accounts every year; 

3.   No taxation responsibility if a company does not have any business in BVI or Hong Kong; 

4.   No need to get Business Registration Certificate when open bank account(s) in Hong Kong; 

5.   Accept one director and one shareholder and there are no residency requirements; 

6.   Companies Ordinance is based on the British Common Law. There is political stability and the status of the companies is widely accepted by experts;

7.   May issue either registered or bearer shares;

8.   No need to submit annual return or accounts and hold annual general meetings;

9.   Optional to appoint company secretary and there is no restriction of nationality; 

10. No minimum required capital;

11. Can become a legal entity to hold the trade mark, estates and other assets; and

12. No need to declare the change of director(s), easy to transfer shares and free for stamp duty.

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