Cayman Islands

General Information: 

The Cayman Islands, which comprises three islands in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba. The main industries are financial services, tourism, and real estate. The reputation and popularity of the Cayman Islands have increased significantly, particularly in Asia, as it is one of only two offshore centres approved by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for public listing in the Hong Kong bourse.

Advantages of Cayman Islands Companies :

1.     No need to file accounts with the registrar;

2.     No taxes on income, capital gains, profits, dividends, investments or capital transfers;

3.     Incorporation documents do not carry the name or identity of the shareholder(s);

4.     Names of directors and officers are submitted to the Registrar of Companies but are not available to the public;

5.     No requirement for Cayman Islands residency for shareholder(s) and director(s); 

6.     No requirement for meetings of shareholder(s).

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