According to section 750, Companies Ordinances (Cap 622), Hong Kong Limited Company (including “Dormant Company”) can apply deregistration, provide that the following criterias are all net:

  1. The company acquired the Notice of No Objection to a Company Being Deregistered from the Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”);
  2. The company has never commenced operation, or has already ceased business for more than 3 months;
  3. The company has no outstanding liabilities.

If the companies have outstanding liabilities, they can apply for deregistration when :

  1. The outstanding liabilities are repaid by the holding company or other related companies; or founders, directors, shareholders, etc; or
  2. Creditors abdicate the right to receive the repayment. Creditors, including the holding company, other related companies, founders, directors and shareholders, sign an agreement to declare abdication of the right to receive the repayment.

Government Charges: (Subject to the policy of the Government)
Application fee for deregistration and publish in Gazette (Companies Registry)(“CR”): HK $420
Application for the Notice of No Objection to a Company Being Deregistered (IRD): HK $270

Time Required:
It may take up to six to nine months counting from the filing of application to the CR to deregister your company.

Services Provided:

  1. Prepare minutes and other documents for application of de-registration;
  2. Apply for the "Notice of No Objection to a Company Being Deregistered" from the IRD; and
  3. Apply for deregistration from the CR.

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